77 Rise Recordings – Connections Serious C008 (Klim Beats and pAs dOO)

We review the San Francisco based DIY cassette label’s latest collaborative release with Beat Co-Op


In an era of streaming and subscription based music there are still those dedicated to creating the next generation of mixtape culture with actual analog formats as their core philosophy. In the San Francisco Bay Area there are a number of these institutions that are responsible for pushing this kind of music culture. At the moment, 77 Rise Recordings is one of the labels that are doing the most; delivering consistent releases of both international and local beat makers for the last 5 years.


The label’s Connection Series offers new listeners a bargain deal by dedicating each side of a cassette tape to a chosen beat maker. There are no tracklists and each side plays like a continuous set mix, encouraging the listener to stop and appreciate it as a whole. For its eighth edition released on November 20, 2018, the label has paired Ukrainian producer Klim Beats with Oakland’s own pAS dOO. Side A starts with Klim Beats, which is a smooth soulful blend of Nujabes-esque samples and classic boom-bap styled drums. It’s a perfect soundtrack to a hangout or study session, but complex enough to warrant a thoughtful appreciation.


Side B features pAs dOO with a funkier approach that is no less listenable. You may know this producer from his other releases on outlets such as Hot Record Societe or his work on popular podcasts such as Snap Judgement and Ear Hustle. In his side of the cassette rock and funk guitar samples are heavily featured making the B side more high energy, but still low-key enough to hold a conversation over. There isn’t a specific producer you can compare pAS dOO with, but if you are a fan of instrumental hip-hop you will definitely hear the machinations of your favorite producer from the 90’s/2000’s in his music.


 You can pick-up a limited edition copy of the Connections Series C008 on the 77 Rise Recordings website or on their Bandcamp as both a digital and limited edition cassette.