It is with great pleasure that we announce our first release: MF001!

Featuring tunes from our main musical feline, the Weeping Cat, along with guest appearances from the likes of Oakland based funk maestro E. Live, Dionysian Mysteries label head Detach, and the mysterious Jiant.

Styles vary from synthwave, funk, computer disco to shoegaze with a variety of skillful sampling techniques and what have yous. The result? An eclectic mix that’s hard to define and impossible to ignore. Limited edition of 100. Pre-sales available as we wait for the tapes to be ready by the end of the month, stay curious ~



O R D E R   T H E   T A P E   B A N D C A M P






On this special Saturday we team up with Dionysian Mysteries to become the Fair Weather Friends - presenting D. Tiffany for her SF debut along with local  deejays Sepehr and Detach. 


When conditions are right, they gather like werewolves under SF street lights to shake and shimmy. These are the Fair Weather Friends. September 30th, join us as we bring friends D. TiffanySepehr and Detach together for a night of celebration and bid adieu to the yesterdays of tomorrow ♫


$10 b4 midnight, all you can groove
OMG dtown SF 9pm-close :)

A Massflow x Dionysian Mysteries collab
Stay curious



MUST READ: “I’m a dancer and I don’t want to dance alone – this is why I DJ.... It’s not like you can become a DJ when you’re 20 because you think it’s cool." - Ricardo Villalobos,  Chilean-born techno pioneer






<--- Kevin Gabriel Wettstein — the brains behind musical projects Melodiesinfonie, Delakeyz, and Boyoom Connective — has a contagious sort of energy. But you don’t have to meet him to understand this; his passion and positivity are best understood in the context of his jazzy, soul-infused electronic beats. 

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Spinning vinyl @ Hercules Records, a few blocks from Ashby Bart station. Every Wednesday 5-7, come kick it!

Spinning vinyl @ Hercules Records, a few blocks from Ashby Bart station.
Every Wednesday 5-7, come kick it!

Budapest summer 15' - @wavebelly & k

Budapest summer 15' - @wavebelly & k




>>>>> Small talk w/ SEN DOE <<<<<

Sen Doe is an artist based in Sweden who creates from deep within. His style is very mixed – bold lines, graphic imagery, colorful yet melancholic moods, weird textures. Was able to spur some small talk to get some insight...

@niagaradetroit @andkrasmus

@niagaradetroit @andkrasmus

Fluffy's Donuts

'Israel's Plaza'

Image by Wavebelly 

"Copenhagen has undergone a bout of urban renewal this past half decade. This is well-documented in the design community, as the city has become somewhat of an international poster child for forward-thinking public space. Unlike American public parks, which are built with a crippling fear of lawsuits in mind, the people designing these plazas have acknowledged how easy it is to adapt skate-friendly obstacles into any corner of their creations. Every new park is multi-use; nothing is simply a playground, a basketball court or a skate plaza. If the space is there, why limit it? Basketball courts thus become surrounded by banks, and playgrounds bordered with ledges. Nothing is built merely to be sat on and left alone after lunch-hour."

(excerpt from article from


Images by Brennan (left) friend Kasia in Morocco (middle) Wavebelly lounging in room (right) Isaac hanging out at Massflow @ Turtle House


Cherushii <3