Music Reviews: Secret Lover - Lost and Found EP

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Secret Lover - lost & found EP

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The latest release from UK label All My Thoughts is a four track EP from Canadian producer Secret Lover. Entitled, lost and found the EP features three new tracks from the Heart to Heart Records boss with a remix from fellow countryman, Khotin.

On Bandcamp, the release page immediately directs you to “dreamer (1992 remix)”, which is a minimal groove house composition with electric piano stabs that seem a nod to 90’s classic house. The track is rather straightforward with a Roland 606 sounding kick, UK garage snare hits, and tight hi-hats that switch between staying on the upbeat and a shuffling pattern that could be reminiscent of classic UK funky tracks.


If you dig a little deeper the EP starts to show its character. Starting with the lead track, “far off” we finally begin to hear the artist’s penchant for deep reverb laden chords and Balearic percussion, which we are definitely here for. Pads that sound like you are snorkeling in a secret cove in the Bahamas couple nicely with conga patterns that keep the track from turning into a complete headphone affair. Add a submarine synth lead with a tasty detuned bass line and you end up with a track that borders on the sublime, ideal for setting the vibes at your next summer hangouts or day party. Extra credit goes to the listener who notices the soft droning sample that glues the atmosphere throughout the track.

Also worth a listen is the “far off (khotin remix)”, which adds a bouncier feel and tasteful countermelodies. Another up and coming producer from Vancouver, Khotin’s effect is slightly more danceable, but regretfully subtracts the delightful bass line from the original track. As far as remixes go, this is a tasteful one and criticism should be kept to a minimum as it does a fine job at blending a personal touch without changing the fabric of the original.


Finally, the EP closes out (sans bonus remix) with “raver”, a deep grooving jam that this listener would personally throw on at peak hours. The energy in this track is apparent as soon as the first delay-dripping chord is played. Lofi hi-hats, soft shakers, stuttering percussion, and playful congas create an insatiable groove that would have even your grandma tapping her foot. The track builds till around the 2 minute 45 second mark, which is where this spaceship really starts rocking. The reverbed chords become deeper, the hi-hats sparkle, and the dance floor inevitably begins to fist pump.

This listener’s favorites are “far off” and “raver”.

~stay curious~