Intentions 01 // BRENNAN KO

The first installment to our mix series.

Intentions is a series created with the idea that different kinds of music are better suited for specific occasions. Mixes in this series have a specific intention, purpose, or setting that they will excel in. We ask artists to submit a title and story to accompany their mixes so our audience can feel their intention behind the mix. This is a great opportunity for artists who are pigeon-holed into a certain sound to branch out if they feel the need.

Title: "Tunes For A Road Trip Along I-5"

Story: " I wanted to get a mix together that I could listen to with friends while driving from the Bay Area to LA. I tried to refrain from playing only house tracks because not all of my friends are into that kind of music. Basically, the mix is a bunch of songs that I am really enjoying at the moment or records from my collection that I don't play out often. The mix starts at around 117 bpm and then ends around 128 bpm because I envisioned myself needing something more upbeat to stay awake while driving. The last 20 minutes are perfect for being emo and pretending you are in a music video, while gazing out of the passenger window." - @brennanko

Jay Daniels - Paradise Valley
CM-4 - Earth People
Blair Sound Design - Chillax
Minimal Africa - untitled
Candido - Thousand Finger Man
Drizabone - Pressure
Sugar Hill Gang - Rapper's Delight
Roy Ayers - Chicago
Deejay Astral - Polygon
Detach - Leave
Mood J - New York Vibrations
DJ Boring - 6 am Mimosa
Basement Escape - Bobby's Soul
Luz1e - U Know How I'm Feeling
micronism - engaging causeless mercy

Recorded on Technics turntables and Pioneer CDJs
Artwork by Kenji