Melodiesinfonie - Sichtexotica IV


Reflection, contemplation, and spirit is the mantra for this new compilation of songs from Melodiesinfonie. The Swiss producer offers up an 8-track album of pure instrumental hip-hop with his penchant for combining off the wall samples with soulful harmonies and sophisticated drum patterns. Sichtexotica IV, released Nov. 23rd,  marks the airing of tracks two years in the making and includes a limited edition 10-inch vinyl released by German label Sichtexot.




Growing up surrounded by his dad’s jazz record collection, Melodiesinfonie would first start drumming in experimental psych rock bands before becoming one of today’s most original producers. Although he is a beatmaker, the usual comparisons to classic producers like Dilla or 9th Wonder don’t do Melodiesinfonie justice. Mainly because Melodiesinfonie’s music doesn’t seem to be made with a rapper in mind, instead giving it the impression of being a complete musical composition rather than an accompaniment. This style has evolved since his earliest EP’s on Soulection, yet Melodiesinfonie’s has always shown a disregard for the traditional boundaries of musical genres enabling his hybrid of jazz influences, drummer’s intuition, and modern Internet beat culture to pave its own path in the vast musical landscape.

Melodiesinfonie Vinyl Front and Back

The eight tracks in this EP turn traditional ideas of instrumental music on its head. The first track, “Clearwater” begins with field recordings of moving water paired with shimmering flutes that place you in a meditative state before a swinging drum beat sends you drifting on a ride along a beautiful sonic river.

One of the most unique tracks is “funkyjam irgendwas” which feels like a improv session between jazz musicians. What stands out most is the intricate drumming and deconstructed song structure that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Like his previous releases, Sichtexotica IV is a listening experience – we weren’t joking when we said contemplation was the mantra. It’s the kind of music that you could listen to while standing out in the rain or cruising alone in your whip. In any case, this is a record that needs to be listened to in its entirety at least once. It’s not a record to start a party; rather it’s one to start a conversation. We’ve field tested all 8-tracks and found they outperform anything else in the two situations:  

1.     Posting up on a comfy couch with close friends, a joint, and no distractions. Just let the music speak. 

2.     Take yourself to a beautiful setting, either alone or with a select few, and watch the music make the scenery even more beautiful with every track.


Get Melodiesinfonie – Sichtexotica IV out on Bandcamp and for all the vinyl collectors make sure to cop that sweet 10-inch.

It won’t last long.

You can read more about Melodiesinfonie in our previous artist profile

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